Japanese cushion promises to turn video gamers into prisoners, make them happy about it【Photos】

Making handheld gaming captivatingly comfy.

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Looking for Ditto in Pokémon GO? You’ll find him here in Japan as a huggable body cushion!

While the world searches for the elusive Pokémon in the game, Ditto has transformed himself into a giant pillow for fans in Japan.

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This smiling seal will help you get through summer in more ways than one

With its snuggly body and contented face, there’s more to this cute animal than just its good looks.

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New cushions let you achieve the dream of sitting on your anime crush’s face

Do you love you anime crush enough to sit on his face?

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Much wow, so cushion: Soft and realistic 3-D doggy (and kitty) heads to park your butt on

There’s nothing cuter than cute animal goods, is there? Whether it’s hamster cheek coin purses or panda earmuffs, we just can’t resist wasting our hard-earned cash on adorable things to make us feel all fuzzy inside. Especially if they’re a little unusual or quirky in ways that make us feel like we’ve got something really original on our hands.

Take, for example, these new three-dimensional animal head cushions by Hot Seal JP. The full range features Akita ken, husky, poodle, pug and boxer breed dogs, as well as a variety of cutesome kitties, all with massive bulging eyes and protruding snouts that somehow manage to be creepy and cute at the same time!

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