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Digital Monster will make the digital workplace a little more comfortable.

It looks like Japanese merchandiser Bandai has scored a hit with its cute stuffed animal-style PC wrist rests. Just last month the line debuted with representatives of three of Japan’s most popular character merchandise lines plus one of the friendly spirits from hit video game series Yokai Watch, but it’s already time for a new member to join the lineup.

The latest character to get the PC cushion treatment is Agumon, the compact-sized fire-breathing Tyrannosaurs lookalike from the Digimon franchise.

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While Agumon spends most of his screen time in the Digimon anime palling around with human protagonist Taichi, he can be all yours in plushie form, patiently sitting on your lap as you write reports, check your email, or read RocketNews24.

▼ “Hey, see if they have any other articles about me!”

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Agumon is also capable of sitting upright on his own. Bandai warns, though, that there’s only a slight possibility that he’ll finish up your work assignments for you before you come back to your seat.

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Conversely, if you want to make sure Agumon relaxes, you can take his keyboard away and use it as a wrist rest all by itself.

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And don’t worry about getting confused about which set of keys to hit when you’ve essentially got two keyboards in front of you. To help you keep them separated, Agumon’s is emblazoned with Digimon’s Digimoji script.

▼ Unless you bought your PC in the Digital World, odds are its keyboard doesn’t look like this.

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The Agumon PC cushion can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai online store for 5,616 yen (US$50), with delivery scheduled for June.

Source: Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai (edited by RocketNews24)