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There’s a long backstory to this figure inspired by virtual idol Hatsune Miku, but here’s the condensed version: She’s got no pants, or underwear, for that matter.

One of the reasons Hatsune Miku has become the more prolific Vocaloid is because of the liberal attitude her handlers have about derivative works. While most of these take the form of fan art illustrations and music videos, a while back 3-D animator Deino decided to remix the virtual idol into Calne Ca, a character who’s supposed to be a mechanized skeleton (hence the Ca, the periodic symbol for calcium) with a skin-like covering that makes the undead cyborg look like Hatsune Miku.

Calne Ca has a pretty gruesome-looking design, replacing the bottom half of Miku’s cute little face with a series of jagged metal fangs, and also swapping a scythe for one of her arms. But Calne Ca was later altered again into Ca Karura, a more human-like version of Ca that appeared in the Vocaloid novel Shujin to Kamihikoki (“The Prisoner and the Paper Airplane”).

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There are a couple of key differences between Ca Karura and the original Hatsune Miku design. For starters, Ca Karura has a creepy, blood-red left eye. She’s also got what looks to be a deep-sea armored isopod crawling across her bangs like the world’s most disturbing barrette.

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But what really differentiates the figure from the ordinary Miku is that Ca Karura isn’t wearing pants or underwear.

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This is really quite baffling. On the one hand, we suppose the wardrobe omission could be justified with the explanation that Ca Karura is a robot, and thus lacks the senses of modesty or cold that compel human beings to cover up their nether regions. But if that’s the case, why does Ca Karura retain a penchant for hair ribbons, earrings, and other accessories?

▼ How can you want four belts when you don’t know what pants are?!?

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Manufacturer Union Creative is currently taking preorders for the figure, with delivery expected in April. While the list price is 15,120 yen (US$126), it’s currently available here on Amazon Japan discounted to 13,777 yen.

▼ You can put the saving towards buying a little pair of panties to put on it when company comes over.

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Source: Culture Lab
Images: Amazon Japan (edited by RocketNews24)