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Meet Enako, a cute and popular cosplayer who has all her fans buzzing recently with her latest photoshoot that shows off how well pink suits her.

Having attended both Comiket and Tokyo Game Show with different outfits each day, Enako has become somewhat of an Internet star in Japan. She has over 100,000 followers on Twitter, and the number continues to grow as she regularly tweets pictures of herself in various outfits.

Her latest set of photos has her dressed in cheongsam  or “China dress” in Japanese.

▼ “Pink China Dress-chan. When I flatten my breasts, they’re the same size as my ribcage. Lol.”


The all-lace short dress was a huge hit with her fans and fellow cosplayers for obvious reasons, garnering compliments such as “adorable” and “really cute” over and over again. Some of her fans were worried about her comment made with the Tweet regarding the amount of wrapping it must have required to fit into that tiny dress. However, most of that was overshadowed by how well her twin bun hairstyle suited her, as it was the first time she’d fixed it up that way.

Not satisfied with just one costume to share with her fans, Enako also posted photos of herself in a blue China dress while wearing a silver wig.


It seems that Enako has no desire to stop cosplaying any time in the near future, and you will likely catch her at the next Comiket which runs from December 29–31 at the Tokyo Big Sight. For anyone interested in any of the character cosplay she has done, which has included Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins, Bridget from Guilty Gear XX, and Hatsune Miku, be sure to check out these photos as well!


Source: Kinisoku
Top Image: Twitter/@enako_cos