Not even time itself is safe when you have a cat in your house.

The latest cat celebrity to hit the Twittersphere is Chama, a one-year-old cat who lives with her owner, Twitter user @kameike.

Kameike describes Chama as a tomboy who loves doing mischievous things, such as emptying out trash cans to search inside, sharpening her nails on furniture, and above all, playing soccer with plastic bottle caps. You know, just normal cat antics.

▼ She’s also absolutely adorable.

However, Kameike recently found out that bottle caps are not the only thing that Chama likes to bat around. She also like to play with clock hands, as seen in the video below.

“I recently found out why the clocks in my house are wrong.”

Chama swipes at the hand, moving time forward fifteen minutes, before swiping at it again moving the minute hand back ten minutes.

Since discovering Chama’s antics, the standing desk that the cheeky kitty used to reach the clock with has been lowered. However, owner Kameike admits to underestimating just how far cats can reach.

▼ Your puny attempts to thwart me have failed, human!

Twitter fell in love Chama’s mischievous antics, and the video currently sits at over two million views.

“I wonder if she’s trying to set the time to breakfast!”
“This cat is really smart. If you move the clock forward 15 minutes, anyone would notice it easily. But if you change it by just five minutes, your villainous act will go unnoticed.”

“It’s like a time travelling cat!”

Chama’s antics have even inspired some people to make fan art, which Kameike even admits to being surprised by.

Others wondered what would happen if the clock looked like a cat.

“If you had this cat clock, I imagine it’d be much worse!”

So while Chama’s adorable attempts at stopping time were thwarted by her owner, we’re looking forward to seeing what kind of mischief she makes next.

After all, when cats are involved, nothing is sacred.

Source: Twitter@kameike via Jin
Top image: Twitter@kameike
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