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It really is the year of the hamster in Japan, as pet owners vie for top spot in a Hamster Championship Series on Twitter.

There is no better place for cute pets than the Internet, and we’ve already shown you some cute hamster behinds and a year in review of cute hamsters blowing up over the Internet. But Japan isn’t quite done yet, they want hamster owners to post pictures of their little hammy using the hashtag #全日本ハムスターぶちゃいく選手権大会(#All Japan Hamster Ugly but Cute Championship series)

There have been plenty of submissions so far, so here are some of the best that we’ve found. Caution: cuteness (despite ugliness) ahead.

▼ I’m a #1 hamster…no big deal.


▼ Squishiness is a factor in the competition…


▼ Flatness is another

▼ Plain, but still cute

▼ “Let ’em see the rest of me!”

▼ Chubby cheeks are key

▼ “Just let me get a little closer to the camera.”

▼ “Wake me up when I win.”


▼ Sleeping on your front is for chumps


▼ “Can’t skip out on leg day.”

▼ “Make sure you get my good side.”


▼ “Like a cat, once the head is through everything else follows.”


▼ “Yes, mmm, Internet fame.”

▼ “Today is picture day?”

▼ Just keep eating…

▼ “Heeeeeeere’s Hammy!”


▼ “I’ll show you ugly but cute.”


▼ No need to do anything fancy

▼ “Who’s got the biggest cheeeeeeeeks???”


▼ “Well, when you hold me like that, how else am I supposed to look?”


▼ This one can’t stop laughing


▼ Doing its best panda impression

▼ “My bed is over that way.”

▼ “Oh crap, they’ve caught me trying to escape!”


▼ “If it fits, I sleep.”

▼ “My best side and my worst side.”

▼ Can barely sit still, so excited to enter the tournament


▼ “What’s on this side of the roof?”

▼ “If I fall, I’m gonna…..zzzzzzz.”

▼ “I’m supposed to make a face like this?”

▼ “I’ve eaten too much…”


▼ “Doing my best Mario impression.”


▼ “I can win without a squished face!”

▼ Best impression of a liquid hamster


▼ “Quick! While nobody is looking!”

▼ “Why must you keep putting food in my mouth?!?”


▼ “Hi! Nice to meet you!”


▼ “I don’t think they made this face cut-out the right size…”


Were you able to get through them all without going “aww”? Hamsters aren’t big pets, but they are big on adorableness, even the ones we think aren’t super cute.

Which hamster would you choose to win the championship series? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Curazy
Top Image: Twitter/@fd3s_ae86_