Comiket 89 is now underway at Tokyo Big Sight from December 29-31. Check out our photo montage of the best cosplays from Tuesday’s opening day!

One of the highlights of any Comiket (the world’s largest dojinshi fair; held twice per year) convention is all the high-quality cosplay to be found. Though the weather in Tokyo is now a far cry from the scorching heat of this summer’s Comiket 88, cosplayers braved the chilly December air to parade their costume creations of love for hordes of camera-toting admirers.

Not one to miss out on this annual year-end ritual, our own intrepid reporter P.K. Sanjun headed down to the scene on its opening day armed with his camera, waiting 20-30 minutes in long lines to get the best possible shots of the most popular cosplayers.

Compared to the outfits seen at this summer’s Comiket 88, the costumes this time around seemed more reserved, which was only natural considering the colder temperatures. Consequently, P.K. got the feeling that this lack of bare skin meant that cosplayers had put more detail into the costumes themselves, making for some truly stunning getups.


As usual, he spotted the standard Comiket favorites like Love Live!, The Idolmaster, and KanColle, but there were a few unusual and fresh additions as well, including cosplayers paying homage to this past fall’s Osomatsu-san anime series. Osomatsu-san is the latest anime installment in the long-running Osomatsu-kun comedic series about mischievous sextuplet brothers, which first appeared in manga form in 1962. Osomatsu-san is set 10 years after the original series and follows the exploits of the sextuplet brothers as grown adults.

▼ A group cosplaying as the six brothers from Osomatsu-san. It’s relatively simple but fun for a group of friends.


With the mix of beauticious babes and comedic combos, P.K. made sure to get photos from the best of both worlds for our readers around the world. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights of Comiket 89! 

▼ P.K. wasn’t familiar with the Super Sonico character, but he still thought this cosplayer was cute!



Love Live! groups were everywhere, but this was one high-quality group!


Touken Ranbu and the vocaloid GUMI


Noragami‘s Bishamonten


▼ More Love Live!


▼ Characters from KanColle were also common sights.


▼ This Mirai from Beyond the Boundary had a long line of people waiting to take her picture.


▼ Characters from The Idolmaster were super popular.


▼ Scorpio Milo and Aquarius Camus from Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac


▼ KanColle again


▼ The popularity of Love Live! is almost frightening.


▼ This pair from To Love-Ru turned up the heat!


▼ One of the more inventive ideas–Shuru, from the Japanese children’s variety show Ugougoruga.


▼ Hatsune Miku in cat form


▼ This beauty was extremely popular.


▼ Two more Love Live! cosplayers



▼ Characters from Rozen Maiden. They were all super cute.


▼ Finally, we’ll end with Zangief of Street Fighter fame. Good work in the chilly air, bud!


We hope you enjoyed our sampling of the superb cosplay from the opening day of Comiket 89. We can’t wait to see all the fun at next summer’s Comiket 90!

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