Contents are valued at three times’ the box’s value, but is it really worth buying?

While our Japanese-language reporter Seiji Nakazawa isn’t the world’s biggest Disney fan, he has to admit that fellow reporter and Disney fanatic Daiichiro Tashiro has so much enthusiasm for the Disney franchise that Seiji decided to take a chance on a Japan Disney Store Lucky Box. He preordered one online in November and finally got it delivered to his doorstep on December 29.

The Lucky Box cost Seiji 10,000 yen (US$76.37), and according to the Lucky Box product description, its contents were valued at three times’ the lucky box value. Along with the quality of the box’s contents, Seiji also reviewed it in terms of cost effectiveness.

Daiichiro has gotten some of Disney’s Lucky Boxes in the past, but from a hardcore fan’s perspective, he hasn’t been satisfied with the quality of their contents.

Would this finally be the year that the lucky box got Daiichiro’s stamp of approval? As Seiji opened the box, he asked Daiichiro for his evaluation.

The contents of the Lucky Box were:

  • Disney Reusable Shopping Bag
  • Mickey Plushie (Rabbit)
  • Disney Mug
  • Disney Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • Ariel Bath Towel
  • Chip and Dale Plushies
  • Chip Plushie
  • Dale Tsumtsum Plushie
  • Disney Pouch
  • Disney Face Mask
  • Winnie the Pooh Stickers
  • Rapunzel Mini 6-Punch Binder
  • Ariel Wireless Speaker
  • Ariel Hand Sanitizer Set
  • Star Wars Key Figure
  • Disney Buzz Lightyear Figurine Set
  • Disney Shop 10 Percent Off Coupon

Seiji was satisfied with the lucky box as soon as he opened it. Though he’s not a figurine buff, he thought the Buzz Lightyear Figurine Set would make a lot of Toy Story fans happy, especially since it came in a complete set. Some of the characters reminded him of Transformers.

In terms of price, the product description’s claim seemed to live up to its name. The Dale Tsumtsum Plushie (1,320 yen), Chip and Dale Plushies (4,400 yen), Stainless Steel Tumbler (2,530 yen), and the Ariel Bath Towel (2,860 yen) alone added up to over 10,000 yen, and that was only four items out of 17.

The lucky box was a hit with Daiichiro! He loved that it included a Rabbit Mickey Plushie in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, saying it was super cute. “The quality of everything else is a step up from last year — even the design of the box itself is high-quality! You can tell Disney took it seriously this time,” Daiichiro commented.

He only had two complaints: one, that it would have been nice to have more rabbit-themed goods; and two, that it might be better to sell different-themed lucky boxes rather than mix the “cool” and “cute” goods together. “It would make a lot of hardcore fans happy if they sold lucky boxes that were princess-themed, Star Wars-themed, and so on!” he explained.

Seiji asked if there was anything in the box that Daiichiro wanted, and he picked the Mickey plushie. When Seiji asked if it was rare, he said it wasn’t, but that it would make his happy home even happier.

Seiji didn’t really get it, but he gifted the plushie to Daiichiro anyway. From our non-Disney fanatic’s perspective, Seiji was particularly excited about the mug and the bath towel as his had recently become worn out.

The more he stared at the mug, though, the more he realized…

this was probably included in the much more affordable 3,500-yen lucky box. Oh well.

So if you’re not a huge Disney fan, you can still likely find some value in the lucky boxes at lower price points. In any case, this lucky box got a stamp of approval from both Daiichiro and Seiji! Maybe Seiji will be a fully-converted fanatic by next year.

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