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Feudal Japan from the ankles up, 21st century below.

In general, kimono are worn with traditional Japanese sandals, called either zori or geta. The former has a flat sole and the latter’s is raised, but in either case their classic design adds a traditional air, as does the distinctive clicking and clacking they lend to the wearer’s footsteps.

But while zori and geta both look and sound nice, many women would argue they don’t feel very good. Made of flat planes of wood, zori and geta have neither cushioning nor arch support, though they will provide you with a couple of nice blisters if you’re not used to walking in them.

Your feet don’t have to suffer for your love of traditional Japanese fashion any longer, though. At least not according to Boston Club, a shoe shop from Osaka that’s pushing the idea of wearing sneakers with kimono.

Simmilar to the avantgarde designers looking to give a place to old-school Japanese attire in the modern world, Boston Club sees nothing wrong with pairing a kimono with some contemporary kicks.

Sneakers not your thing? No problem, because Boston Club thinks stepping out in a kimono and boots is an equally fetching choice.

▼ Strict traditionalists might harrumph and mutter “Pshaw,” but this certainly looks warmer than a pair of zori and socks if you’re wearing a kimono for your New Year’s day shrine visit.

So with your footwear options wide open, all you have left to worry about is tying the kimono sash, and we can help you with that too.

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Source: Japaaan
Top image: Instagram/freakshowism__