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The first-edition Pokémon Trading Card Game cards might be getting a 21st century reprint, but maybe you should save some of your cash for one with a gorgeous, hand-painted background instead.

The life of a college student is filled with long, sleepless nights, caffeine and extremely cheap meals that—unless you’re fortunate enough to be studying at this Japanese university—border on inedible. But it’s also a time of discovering yourself, finding passion in the simplest things around you and expressing those things in new and original ways.

For artist Lunumbra, whose interests of art and Pokémon have intersected in a big way, it meant painting beautiful backgrounds on her favorite Pokémon cards.

Lunumbra doesn’t alter the images of the Pokémon themselves, just the backgrounds they inhabit. The result is mesmerizing, original and deeply captivating.





Not only does she do individual backgrounds for the Pokémon cards, but she has also joined two cards together with a background that flows through both of them.




Lunumbra’s cards cost US$15 each, and while she takes commissions on her Facebook page, be sure to double-check to see if she is available before placing an order. Currently she’s not taking new orders but it seems like she might start again at the end of January, which leaves plenty of time to decide on the perfect Pokémon for you!

Source & Top GIF: Facebook/Lunumbra’s Awesome Painted Cards