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Ever wonder what type of bait you should use when hunting for your very own Pikachu? Apparently the answer is ketchup, at least if we’re going by what Japanese food and beverage company Kagome is telling us about the preferences of the most famous of all Pokémon.

Kagome just kicked off its Pikachu Loves Ketchup promotion, and shoppers who buy the company’s sauces can redeem proofs of purchase for adorable Pikachu ketchup bottle toppers plus a chance to win an exclusive Pikachu plate or stuffed animal.

To get your hands on these unique Pikachu specimens, you won’t have to wander the country or go tossing Poké balls around. Instead, you’ll need to hunt down applicable Kagome products, remove their bar codes, and mail them in to the company.

Kagome actually has a ton of different ketchup varieties, but it looks like they’re all part of this special offer. Specifically, bar codes from Kagome’s tomato ketchup, tomato ketchup half, organic tomato ketchup, tomato ketchup for adults, and tomato ketchup premium can all be used, as well as those from the company’s Worcester, tonkatsu, Chinese-style, and fragrant stir-fry sauces.

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Sending in three bar codes automatically gets you one of four Pikachu Kagome ketchup squeeze bottle caps, selected at random.

▼ Unfortunately, unlike the Pokémon games, you can’t just go back and save scum if you don’t get the exact one you want.

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In addition, you can apply for one of two other prizes which Kagome will be holding drawings for, giving away 1,000 of each. Those who send in one bar code will have a chance at being randomly selected for a Pikachu rice omelet plate, which is appropriate since the egg-wrapped dish is usually as bright yellow as Pikachu himself and seasoned with ketchup.

▼ Kagome’s website even gives instructions on how to draw the little guy’s face.

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Or, if you’re sending in three bar codes, you can apply for the exclusive Kagome Pikachu stuffed animal.

▼ The plate (left) and stuffed animal (right), which proves that Pikachu is heart-meltingly cute even when doing something as mundane as holding condiments.

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Would-be Pokémon Masters of the dinner table can download the entry card to be mailed in with the bar codes here. The promotion runs from now until August 31, meaning that if you make Kagome your go-to brand for your summer barbeques, you should have a nice little stable of Pocket Monsters to show for it.

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Top image: Kagome
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