Because sometimes you want to add some fun to bathtime, and also the chance of crushing your loins.

Many people with an interest in Japan are already familiar with some of the major points of communal bathing etiquette in the country. Two of the most important rules to follow are to thoroughly wash your body before entering the tub and to make sure your towel doesn’t touch the water.

But for the men’s bath, there are a number of additional, unspoken, but generally adhered-to rules. Primarily, eye contact should be kept to a minimum, and since fixing your eyes on an imaginary and far-off horizon isn’t conducive to animated conversation, the men’s bath tends to be a rather stoic place.

But this group of five friends couldn’t help but notice the perfectly parabolic curve of the tub at this public bath. Perhaps, to their eyes, the tight 180 looked just like a hairpin turn on a mountain road, which meant there was only one thing to do.


In the video (which is a clip from broadcaster Fuji TV’s Monday Lateshow – Getsuyo kara Yofukashi variety program) there’s no power-on oversteer or trail braking going on, but that doesn’t mean there’s no technique involved. As a matter of fact, the naked daredevil even does a spin of his own as he makes the turn, beginning and finishing his trip around the tub with his feet against the wall.

Having successfully pulled off the stunt, he’s warmly congratulated by his buddies, who are so excited for him that they forget about covering their manly parts up for the camera, and also commit another faux pas by hugging in the men’s bath.

It’s a joyous occasion for all involved, with the tub drifter exclaiming “I haven’t had such a feeling of accomplishment since I passed my college entrance exams!” We’re happy for him, and given the degree of difficulty involved, he has every right to be proud of his impressive performance. Still, as a learned man with a higher education, we’re a little surprised that he hasn’t been able to think of a way to keep himself entertained that has a lower junk-ruining probability. Honestly, just seeing him slide backwards with his groin pressed against a metal plate is enough to make us cringe.

Source: Zaeega