Beautiful Japanese race queen goes from trackside to driver’s seat as she becomes pro drifter

Awano Kisaragi looking to crowdfund 2019 drift campaign and overseas race entries.

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Japanese miko shrine maidens turn into off-road racing queens in new commercial 【Video】

These girls literally drive away ogres during Japan’s annual Setsubun bean-throwing festival.

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Naked Japanese bathtub drifting 【Video】

Because sometimes you want to add some fun to bathtime, and also the chance of crushing your loins.

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Pro drifter disguises herself as driving school student to prank first-day instructors 【Video】

Being a driving instructor has to be a scary job. After all, every day your responsibilities include climbing into the passenger seat next to someone society says hasn’t yet shown the ability to safely drive a car.

For one group of instructors though, the source of their terror wasn’t that they were stuck with a bad driver, but with one that was too good, as they fell victim to a prank of their “student” for the day being a professional drifter and racer.

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Japanese drifting experts use public road in hair-raising “hill climb” up Hakone mountains 【Video】

While the Hakone Turnpike is usually enjoyed by slow-driving families catching a glimpse of the natural beauty of the area’s mountainous landscape, some Japanese drifting enthusiasts last month turned a portion of the public toll road into a white-knuckle race to the top.

Shutting down the two-lane road, the drivers zoomed through the windy (and thankfully empty) roads, reaching speeds that would land normal citizens a pretty hefty fine. It may not be the first time a high-performance car has been seen on Japanese roads, but it’s pretty amazing that the Ministry of Transportation would approve this flashy display of speed, horsepower and roaring engines.

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Oni-kyan wheel alignment: How to drift like the pros and baffle the spectators

Motorsports have been around for as long as people have had vehicles. If it’s got an engine and wheels, we guarantee someone somewhere will try to race it. And there aren’t many counties that love their motorsports as much as Japan–especially the mystical, magical art of drifting!

While other places may have longer or faster races, Japan is definitely one of the best places in the world to catch cars sliding through corners almost as if they were on an ice rink. And, while a talented driver could probably get nearly any car to drift, racers often use cars modified for maximum drifting, including things like negative camber, a type of wheel alignment. But one Celica owned by Japanese motor-enthusiast Kawashima has been capturing people’s attention both in Japan and overseas thanks its mind-bending, extreme wheel alignment.

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Extreme Drifting in Modified Kei Car, Even Better English Subtitles 【Video】

Kei Cars are a Japanese category of vehicles that are too weak to be considered actual cars, but too powerful to be considered go-carts. They are distinguished by their cool yellow license plates (as opposed to a white one for cars with regular-sized engines and larger dimensions) and are loved by those looking for a cheap mode of transportation. Thanks to some clever modifications by extreme driving enthusiasts in Japan, what used to be a measly 660cc engine putt-putt car has been transformed into a lean, mean, drifting machine.

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