Japanese baths

Tokyo hotel lets your rent out entire Japanese bath facility, become lord of the baths【Pics】

You don’t need to be staying overnight to enjoy this special kind of relaxing luxury.

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Honey, I’ve shrunk the Japanese bath controls! New miniatures celebrate a home icon

Tiny panels talk to you and play melodies, just like the real thing. 

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Capybara Onsen Challenge 2019: Which giant rodent can bathe the longest?

Furry representatives from five prefectures amaze everyone with their love of hot springs as they compete for this year’s illustrious title.

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Bathe in yakiniku grilled beef, beer and more with new bath powders from Japan

Realise your dreams of becoming your favourite food or drink with six new weird and crazy flavours to soak in.

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Naked Japanese bathtub drifting 【Video】

Because sometimes you want to add some fun to bathtime, and also the chance of crushing your loins.

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Balls Floating Atop the Jacuzzi Water Spirit and other supernatural denizens of Japanese gyms

Aside from having a way with words and a pleasant smell, it’s a job requirement at RocketNews24 that every man, woman, and child who works for us be physically fit enough to wrestle a crocodile to submission. As part of his quest to keep in fighting shape, our Japanese-language reporter Nakano regularly hits the gym, because if he doesn’t, who knows when we might decide to give his job to someone with more developed pecs.

Sometimes you find yourself running into some strange characters at the fitness center, as we documented in Nakano’s guide to the most annoying people you might meet at the gym. On occasion, though, their behavior goes so far beyond strange that it’s hard to see it as the actions of mundane human beings, and so today we’re taking a look at Nakano’s illustrated list of five people you might encounter in a Japanese gym shower room that are so weird they must be possessed by evil spirits.

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