Chocolate-covered wafers and Japanese rice wine are a winning combination.

Nestlé Japan’s latest Kit Kat flavour, featuring the country’s well-known tipple, Nihon-shu, or Japanese sake, is one of  their best releases to date. We finally got our hands on one of the new chocolate packs and are happy to report that this Kit Kat is everything we hoped it would be: beautiful, delicious, and packed with the flavour of Japanese rice wine.

▼ The box comes with a warning on the package for children and lightweight drinkers to refrain from consuming the product as it contains 0.8 percent alcohol.


On the back, there’s a special message box for gift-giving so you can share the joy of edible alcohol with friends.


Inside, there are three individually wrapped servings, featuring a beautiful cherry blossom design and an image of a glass filled with the clear alcohol.

Kit2 Kit3

The three kanji that make up the word Nihon-shu (Japanese sake) are written on each package in stylish calligraphy.


After admiring all the traditional Japanese elements on the packaging, we opened the pack to find two simple-looking bars of white chocolate.



While we were expecting to be hit with a strong alcohol aroma, there was nothing but the subtle fragrance of white chocolate. When we cracked open one of the wafers, however, we could see layers of glossy goodness resembling honey, which was the special sake powder element.


As we brought one half of the chocolate to our lips, there was a faint waft of alcohol which then sang out on our taste buds with full sake flavour. This was much more than just your run-of-the-mill alcohol-infused chocolate; the distinct flavour of Japanese rice wine was there, with all its umami body and fullness. What was most surprising was the superb aftertaste, which covered the mouth with a little heat and as much aroma as a shot of real sake. This could well be the best Japan-exclusive Kit Kat on the market, toppling even the mighty matcha flavour that’s so popular with tourists.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.03.48 PM

Nestlé Japan have outdone themselves with their latest Kit Kat. Perfectly balanced and totally unique, this is one sweet treat that’s bound to become a firm favourite with locals and visitors to Japan alike. Be sure to try one if you get the chance!

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