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Just how versatile is Shiseido’s makeup? Watch and see.

As one of the world’s leading cosmetics producers, Shiseido would like to boast that it has the perfect makeup for you no matter what look you’re going for. To drive that point home, the Japanese company has put together a short video showing eight women, all showing off very different fashion tastes.

The individual makeup styles on display range from clean-cut to punk and Harajuku backstreet shopper to Roppongi girls-night-out club-goer. There’s even an apprentice geisha thrown in for good measure, and they all achieved their appearances with the help of Shiseido cosmetics.

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To show just how big a role its cosmetics are playing, Shiseido’s video has a before/after theme. But rather than start at the beginning and follow along as the makeup artists apply the various types of blush, eyeliner, and lipstick used for the eight styles, the video reverses the process, and reveals that while the models may look very different, they all have something in common beyond wearing Shiseido products.

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Wildly different as they may look, it turns out they’re all the same person underneath.

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Internet users haven’t just been surprised by the versatility of Shiseido’s makeup, but by the model’s ability to pull off such a wide range of fashions. After being asked who she is, Shiseido revealed her identity as Sayako Mizuki, a 24-year-old native of Shimane Prefecture.

No doubt her eight starring roles in the video have won her a few new followers on social media, even if her fans might not be able to recognize her depending on her makeup for the day.

Source, images: Facebook/SHISEIDO 資生堂
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