Shiseido Japan’s same-sex kiss ad wins gold in Epica advertising awards

The artistic commercial secured a Grand Prix win as well as a gold award for the film category.

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Shiseido promises confidence for the lovelorn with their spellbinding new makeup ad【Video】

This new commercial stars Halloween costumes, luscious visuals, lipstick that dances and leaps from your face… plus a sweet, inclusive ending.

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Japanese cosmetic company discovers our “stress smell” is similar to a dead animal’s butt

Shiseido says our bodies produce a very distinct odor when we feel the effects of stress.

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Finger Dance Makeup: Shiseido reveals the history of Japanese makeup through finger dance【Video】

From Heian Period ladies to today’s modern girls, Shiseido finds a unique way to showcase dramatic changes in beauty trends over the years.

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Cosplayers celebrate World Cosplay Summit by starring in sunscreen ads for Shiseido

It’s not every day you get to see cosplayers fronting an ad campaign for one of the annual convention’s main sponsors.

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A century’s worth of Japanese beauty trends, from silver screen chic to puffy-eyed catharsis

Shiseido tracks Japanese makeup movements through the decades.

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Moon Prism Power Makeup — with actual base and foundation from Shiseido Maquillage!

You’ve seen Sailor Moon transformed by the magic of Moon Prism Power, but now the series has collaborated with Shiseido to create real makeup that girls can actually use!

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New Japanese video chat program adds digital makeup to the faces of female telecommuters 【Video】

Shiseido now has a cosmetics-free way to change your appearance.

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Japanese cosmetics company’s eight-model video has one big secret【Video】

Just how versatile is Shiseido’s makeup? Watch and see.

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Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido expects to have baldness cure on the market by 2018

Three more years…

For much of my life I’ve been waiting for this moment. Even throughout my youth I glanced at the hairlines of relatives and wondered what would become of me. At the same time I figured medical science would have to have developed something by the time my hair would start falling out.

However, as I entered my thirties and began to look more and more like an octopus was attacking me when my hair got wet, there still seemed to be no true cure for baldness on the horizon. They were out there cloning sheep and growing ears on the backs of mice, but they still couldn’t give me a little action up top.

And just as I raised my razor to go the Bruce Willis route, a ray of hope shone on my news feed. It said that the cure to baldness actually lies inside me and my delicious stem cells, and that the key to unlocking it would be available in just three more years

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Japanese Cosmetic Group Shiseido Abolishes Animal Testing, Fuzzy Little Critters Rejoice!

Founded in 1872, Shiseido, one of the world’s oldest cosmetics companies and the fourth largest, announced on Feb. 28 that from April onward it would put an end to all testing on animals in the development of raw materials for its cosmetic and quasi-pharmaceutical products.

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