Spice up your makeup collection with Kirby!

When it comes to buying cosmetics, everyone has brands they’re loyal to. But no matter which designer is your go-to, makeup collections inspired by our favorite anime or video game characters are always a hit. Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Princess Peach…we want them all!

Newly available as of March this year from Monosense, the company that brings us some of the best of character-themed cosmetics, is an adorable Kirby collection! This new line is part of Monosense’s cosmetics brand called “Lovisia”, which previously released Pokémon blush and face powder that was so popular it sold over one million units.

The new line, which includes eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, and a mirror, is in celebration of Kirby’s 28th birthday this year. The concept of the line is Pink Lush, because of course you can’t have a Kirby collection without the color pink. It’s also filled with lots of heart and star motifs, and decorated with original Kirby designs created specifically for this line.

The lipsticks, titled Kirby’s Dream Land Lipstick, are made with jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and royal jelly, so they’re packed with hydration power. If you tend to get dry lips when wearing lipstick, you won’t have to worry with these! They’re great to be used simply as lip care, but their moderately pigmented colors make for a perfect every day lipstick, too. There are three colors: beige, coral, and rose-pink.

Each of the tubes have a different 3-D engraved Kirby design on them, too! You’ll probably want to collect them all. They’ll be available for sale for 1,000 yen each (US$9.28) at the end of April.

The Kirby’s Dream Land Eyeshadow palettes are equally adorable. There are three varieties that each come with eight different colors that are primarily neutral in tone, shaped into stars. The sparkling colors are made with finely ground pearls to give your eyelids that little extra bit of sparkle. Each package is also uniquely designed with Kirby motifs! They’re available now for 1,800 yen each.

Last in the line is the Kirby’s Dreamland Rubber Mirror. It’s specifically designed so that you can hold it without smudging the mirror with your fingers. It comes with a strap too, so you can also use it as a keychain for easy access! You can buy it now for 800 yen.

These Pink Lush Kirby Cosmetics can be found at variety shops and Lawson convenience stores around Japan, but the eye shadow palettes are only available at the Kirby Cafe and ITS’DEMO and Village Vanguard shops. If you want to add these adorable cosmetics and beautiful colors to your makeup collection, make sure you get some before they’re sold out!

Source, images: PR Times
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