Get out the tissues because this short ad will make you appreciate family bonds all over again.

Juggling work and motherhood is a challenge for women in many countries, and a new ad from Japan explores the disparity between the concept of the ideal mother and the everyday reality that women often find themselves in.

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Rather than leisurely skipping off to school, holding their children’s hands with smiles on their faces, these mothers find themselves shouting, rushing, and feeling angry in the mornings as they try to get everything done.

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While they worry about not living up to the ideal image of the perfect mother, it turns out they should probably stop being too hard on themselves because their children see them very differently to the way they see themselves. Once these women watch their children talking about them, the waterworks start and we all feel like we should give ourselves a break from trying so hard to please everyone all the time. Which is fitting, seeing as this is an ad for Van Houten cocoa.

Entitled “Gaps between ideal and reality for mothers”, take a look at the touching ad below.

These children appreciate their mothers and some actually want to be like them when they’re older. It’s a beautiful reminder to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us; perhaps after we’ve mopped up our tears!

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Source: YouTube/Van Houten Cocoa h/t Grape
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