Sliced ham? Sliced cheese? Sorry, but sliced chocolate is about to make everything else you can put on bread seem like chopped liver in comparison.

Despite its alcoholic-sounding name, Japanese company Bourbon actually specializes in chocolate. Still, its latest product seems like the kind of so-crazy-it’s-brilliant idea born out of a flash of heavily inebriated inspiration.

Behold: sliced chocolate!

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Each pack contains five two-millimeter (0.08-inch) thick slices of what Japan calls “nama chocolate,” a rich, creamy confectionary that’s not as sweet as fudge, but more intense in flavor than ordinary milk chocolate. The unique shape allows Bourbon’s inventive new treat to be used in a variety of ways.

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Bourbon offers a variety of recipes on its website, including chocolate banana rolls…

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and super simple crepes.

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For extra visual appeal, you can grab a cookie cutter and stamp out accents to add to chocolate-layered crackers…

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…or sliced fruit.

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And if you want to serve your next group of houseguests something even fancier, the sliced nama chocolate’s flat form makes it easy to employ in preparing fruit truffles…

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…or beautiful chocolate roses.

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But while this chocolate is of course great for when you’re entertaining company, we know what you’re all thinking: Can I slap a slice on a piece of bread for an instantaneous dessert sandwich?

Yes, yes you can.

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▼ Is this how peanut butter and jelly’s reign as Sandwich King comes to an end?

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In addition to being sold in super markets, sliced nama chocolate is available through Bourbon’s online shop here. Online orders can only be placed for bulk bundles of a dozen five-slice packs (which cost 3,240 yen [US$27]), but somehow we imagine customers will have no trouble finding 60 occasions on which to enjoy this clever new take on chocolate.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Bourbon
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