Just make sure no one steals your ecstasy collection!

Everybody has their hobbies, be it such conventional pastimes as reading books or watching movies, or the more weird, like… collecting your belly button lint?


If you don’t have the time or money to go on foreign excursions, why not live vicariously through your toys?


No need to stay at home all day doing chores like ironing when you can increase the task’s excitement one hundred fold by taking it to the extremes!


Granted none of these hobbies are very practical, but you would at least think that a dog grooming contest would judge the contestants on how not-ridiculous the dog looks after being groomed…


Perhaps one day we will learn to fully communicate with our bovine buddies.


As cool as it may look on the big screen (enacted by professionals, with lots of movie magic), you won’t be looking so cool as you get battered to death falling from a speeding locomotive, so please guys, don’t do this!


Just… so many questions. Namely, how many cars does this guy even have??


Photobombing, leveled up!


22.1 grams (0.77 ounces) in 26 years… that’s 22.1 grams more than anyone should ever have of their own bellybutton fluff.


Showing concern for the thief? Well that’s thoughtful.


Who knew there were so many different kinds of sick bags and… wait, there’s a starter kit??


We doubt many people will raise a stink over the “underground” world of bug fighting, but we still can’t help but feel bad for the little guys pitted against each other.


“It is not the spoon fork that bends, it is only yourself.”


Makes you wonder how big around it is now too.


You can’t polish a turd, but apparently you can roll dirt and mud into something shiny!


We’ve seen that carved erasers can be used as stamps, but is there another use for carved soap? Seems a shame to use up something which had so much work put into it!

So tell us, dear readers, do you participate in any of these hobbies, or do you think you have a hobby that’s even weirder? Please share with us below!

Source and images: Taxi
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