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Akihabara may be known as a mecca for cosplayers, but it’s not every day that you run into the horrific “Slit-Mouthed Woman” on the street!

What’s a sure-fire way spook people? Get them when they least expect it. For Japan-based YouTubers Prank Pirates, that means dressing up as a cute cosplayer to get people’s attention, only to then reveal your second costume of the grotesque Slit-Mouthed Woman.

Known around Japan as Kuchisake-onna, the Slit-Mouthed Woman is a figure from an urban legend dating back to the late 1970s. As her name suggests, she is a grotesque ghost with the corners of her mouth cut from ear to ear.

The mischievous team decided that the best way to scare people was to first lure their bait in with a cute face, like that of Super Sonico, the popular, pink-haired animated mascot for software company Nitroplus.

▼ From afar, she looks like a normal cosplaying girl who passes out fliers.

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The star of the prank dressed up in a Super Sonico outfit complete with pink hair and headphones, but her face was covered in high-quality make-up that gives us chills even after knowing it’s fake.

▼ Not what we hope to encounter during a night out on the town!

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Then, before roaming the streets and handing out fliers to a nearby bar, she donned a mask that looks like a normal human face. We have to admit though, the “human mask” was pretty creepy too.

▼ This is a real deep moment for her: Am I a cute mascot or a gross monster?

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▼ Dressed to impress, the cos-prankster hit the populated streets of Akihabara to find her victims.

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While many people were given a momentary fright, it seemed that a lot of victims were more concerned when she chased them down the sidewalk.

▼ These two foreign men seemed to be the most terrified of the bunch.

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While her “human face” was kind of creepy, that may have added to the shock, as people stared at it, trying to figure out what was weird, only to have it fall off suddenly.

▼ They were staring so intently at the mask, no wonder they freaked out!

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The Prank Pirates really spooked a bunch of Akihabara goers that night, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to go back for more. Next time you find yourself in the area at night, beware of a cosplayer dressed as a monster that’s cosplaying as a human cosplaying as an animated mascot…wait, what? In any case, watch out!

Source: YouTube/Prank Pirates via Grape
Images: YouTube/Prank Pirates

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