Namja Town, an indoor theme park in Tokyo operated by Namco, is putting  out a special spread to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary year. With a selection of five beverages and a whopping fourteen types of cute meals and desserts to choose from, this is the most extensive list of Sailor Moon-themed edibles we’ve ever seen!

Available from September 25, items on the food menu range from 680 yen to 880 yen (US$5.60-$7.30), and each order comes with a free character card designed especially for the campaign. Namja Town is known for its Gyoza Stadium which sells a variety of gyoza (Japanese-style potstickers) so there are a number of gyoza dishes on the special-edition menu.

▼ Clockwise, from top left: Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick Ice Cream; Ami-chan’s Gyoza Dinner; Sailor Mars’ Hot Spicy Gyoza; Sailor Jupiter’s Green Genovese Pasta; Chibiusa’s Lovely Gyoza; Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s Miracle Romance by Gyoza; Let’s Do It! Sailor Planet Attack with Gyoza!; Sailor Venus’ “Love-Me Chain” Pancakes


▼ Chibiusa and Luna P-Ball’s Always Together Gelato; Princess Serenity Gelato; Tuxedo Mask’s Crepe; Usagi and Luna’s Moon Tortilla; Luna and Artemis’ Silver Millenium Cake (which is also available for take-out); Artemis and Sailor Venus’ Omelette Cream Bowl


▼ From left to right: Moon Tapioca Milk; Mercury Aqua Float; Mars Berry Milk; Jupiter Cream Soda; Venus Lemon Calpis


And to top it all off, there will be special merchandise available! The only image they’ve released for these is a silhouette teaser picture below. If you take a veeeery close look you can see what’s in store – it’s the main girls in little cat tails and cat ear headbands!

▼ Sailor Moon and cats? Swoon!


Even with all the power of the moon, there’s little hope of trying all 19 items on the food and drink menus in just one visit. With entry tickets to Namja Town priced at 500 yen ($4.15) each, we’ll have to gather our own troupe of Senshi warriors together to see all the achingly cute items in person. Happy dining!


Theme park informaton
Namja Town / ナンジャタウン
Address: Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 3-1-3 World Import Mart Building 2nd floor
東京都豊島区 東池袋3丁目1−3 ワールドインポートマートビル2階
Open 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

Source, images: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project