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We’d eat them right up, if they weren’t made of plastic.

Even though they’re trained to use any means available to defeat their opponents, including shooting lightning bolts and breathing fire, many Pokémon have personalities that are undeniably sweet. Perhaps that’s why Pokémikke, one of the lesser-known branches of the Pokémon marketing tree, pairs the famous anime and video game characters with delicious-looking desserts in the illustrations adorning its merchandise.

Pokémikke has just made three additions to its lineup. The company seems to share some of Swedish furniture maker Ikea’s sensibilities in that it likes to give unusual names to its items, but that puzzling aspect doesn’t make the finished products any less cute.

For example, while there has to be a more intuitively understandable name than Aclear for acrylic key chains, we still find ourselves wanting one.

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Perennial Pokéstar Pikachu is of course present and accounted for, as are ten more of his fellow Pocket Monsters, with each key chain costing 1,620 yen (US$13.50).

Pikachu and Bulbasaur

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Squirtle and Charmander

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Eevee and Ditto

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Gengar and Piplup

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Swadloon/Goomy and Litwick

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Next up on the Pokémikke-to-English translator: Porika Badges, also known as “buttons.”

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PM 10

The same set of Pokémon from the Aclear line is available, priced at 378 yen each.

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And finally, while the 1,404-yen Domiteriors may look like smartphone cases, they’re actually decorative acrylic plates that you can use to spruce up your living space with a dash of Pokémon flair.

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The 10-centimeter (3.9-inch) tall plates come with interlocking stands so that you can display them in connected partitions.

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▼ For some reason Ditto, Piplup, and Litwick didn’t make the cut for the Domiterior team, but Eevee is joined by Emolga while a trio of Digletts share space with Swadloon and Goomy.

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If these pretty Pokémon parfaits pique your interest, they can be ordered online from Run@town (keychains here, buttons here, and decorative plates here).

Source: Anime News Network, Nijimen
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