Give your phone an adorable pet of its own with these stuffed animal cases!

So, you have a fancy, expensive smartphone that is basically magic and lets you do everything from open beer bottles to unlock with your derrière. But as awesome as it is, you have to admit that it’s kind of boring-looking, so why not cute it up a bit with an adorable stuffed-animal case!

▼ Like this cute-as-a-button bunny!


Zoopy comes in a number of different versions, including bunnies, cats, horses, pandas, and even hedgehogs! Don’t worry, though, the hedgie’s quills are all as soft as your favorite teddy bear.

▼ So, you might as well get one of each, just in case one of them gets lonely.

Though you may want to check your bank account before ordering. These cute cases may be to die for, but they’ll also break the bank if you’re not careful — each case costs between 3,132 yen (US$27.50) and 3,880 yen ($34). But don’t worry, you can still rationalize this purchase by taking a look at this next image:


See, they’re multi-purpose! Zoopy will both make your phone totally adorable and double as a convenient stand. Slightly extravagant purchase justified! Though, if we’re being honest, this is more of an “after-the-fact” justification, because we just can’t resist these adorable Zoopy cases…

▼ Who could say no to Sheepy?


If you live in Japan, you can order directly from Zoopy’s website, and if you live overseas, you’ll want to use Rakuten (Japanese) or Rakuten Global (English) to get international shipping.

Sources: Grape, Zoopy
Featured image: Zoopy (edited by RocketNews24)

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