We have no idea what the game is about, but we can’t stop watching this insane video!

When it comes to marketing a game, capturing people’s attention can be difficult — especially in the mobile gaming arena where short attention spans and new games every ten seconds are the norm. However, one rule of thumb with the Internet is that everyone loves cats, and Netmarble, the company responsible for the popular mobile RPG Seven Knights, has shown a clear understanding of that rule with a new video that turns everyday housecats into badass RPG warriors!

▼ Along with one perky human too…

As you may have noticed, the title of the video is actually “Seven Nyaitsu,” a pun on “nyan,” the sound cats make in Japan, and the way “knights” is written in Japanese, “naitsu.” It’s not the most complex joke we’ve ever seen, but we have to admit the execution is pretty much amazing!

And in case you couldn’t watch the video — or in case it just left you feeling more frightened and confused than excited to play the game — here are a few highlights.

▼ If wings persist for four hours or more, please consult a physician.


▼ Is this Street Fighter for cats?


▼ “Let’s see the hooman try to bathe me now!”


▼ A cat dragon! Or is it a dragon cat? Either way, it’s breath is worse than its claws.


▼ At this point, the video team had clearly finished their fourth bottle of Jack Daniels.


▼ “I should have gotten a hamster.”


After watching (and rewatching) the video several times, we’ve come to this conclusion: If you play Seven Knights, magical cats will ruin your home and turn it into a burning landscape. Which sounds fun until you realize you’re not getting your deposit back.

If all that was a bit much for you (and we wouldn’t blame you if it was), join us in relaxing with a sheet of these adorable kitten stamps. They’re guaranteed not to set anything on fire or ruin your living room!

Sources: GrapeYouTube/Netmarble Japan Inc.
Featured image: YouTube/Netmarble Japan Inc.