These baum cakes that can be “cut-out” into Sanrio characters are fun, sweet and almost too cute to eat.

While we’re used to seeing Sanrio characters being made into delectable treats, we have to admit new Sanrio-themed sweets never cease to delight us. This time, specialty cut-out baum cake store Katanukiya have collaborated with Sanrio to come out with a line of cakes offering not just sweetness but a bit of playful fun as well.

The new cakes are based on the concept of katanuki (literally, “to cut out in a particular shape”), a game often played at traditional Japanese festivals where the participant tries to cut out a soft candy in a particular shape using a toothpick or blunt needle.

Katanukiya have recreated the look and feel of the katanuki game using baumkuchen, a multi-layered cake originally from Germany which has become a popular treat in Japan, and the results are visually delightful!

▼ They have cakes that you can “cut out” into various shapes.

▼ They’ve also created an adorable cat version of the cake, which is only available at the Budoonoki sweets shop in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.

The new Sanrio cut-out cakes feature five characters: Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin and Marron Cream. We’re especially delighted to see Marron Cream as one of the characters made into this cake, as we don’t see her often in collaborations like these.

▼ As expected, the cakes look beautiful even before the characters are cut out.

▼ And to enjoy the katanuki experience, you simply pull apart the cake and you get your cut-out Sanrio character!

And how do they make the unique cut-out cakes? They use a food printer to create the character images on the cake and then use a special French cutting machine, of which there are apparently only a few in Japan.

The cakes are all salted caramel flavor that should be a pleasant combination of sweet and salty, and each one is priced at 594 yen (US$5.50), available from the Katanukiya online shop, although they unfortunately don’t ship overseas.

These cakes should add the perfect amount of fun to your snack time, especially if you enjoy baum cake, and also look certain to make a delightful gift for any Sanrio fan. Plus, we really can’t argue with how cute they look, can we?

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