After going viral with her prawn cracker gown, Sine has upped her food cosplay game with meat, crisps, and enoki mushrooms.

Back in 2016, a young Thai lady by the name of Benjaphorn “Sine” Jessadakarn achieved overnight fame after going viral for her unique parody of a red carpet dress. While the original frilly pink gown worn by Thai Actress Araya “Chompoo” Hargate at Cannes that year wowed photographers, as soon as Sine saw it, it reminded her of prawn crackers, so she decided to replicate the look with bags of prawn crackers, and overnight, a star was born.

Sine immediately went viral around the world, with local and international media outlets praising her low-cost cosplay look and scrambling to find out more about the woman who was being dubbed The Parody Queen on social media. As the owner of a plus-sized clothing store, Sine told everyone that her passion for low-cost cosplay came about after she came up with the idea of using clothes from her shop to replicate celebrity outfits.

After posting photos of her looks on social media idea to promote her clothing store, Framsook Lek Lek, Sine’s talent has been growing by the day, with even more outrageous parody designs made with edible ingredients appearing online. And with every new post, people from around the world react with smiles, laughter and applause for her parody genius.

Last year she copied Rihanna’s 2017 Met Gala look, creating her own version of the floral Comme Des Garçons Fall 2016 runway piece with a variety of luncheon meats.

This year, she took on another red carpet look by replicating Tunisian designer Ali Karoui’s ruffled aquamarine ball gown, worn by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. Sine’s low-cost version was made with what appears to be hundreds of lettuce or kale leaves, topped off with a pot in place of Fan’s silver handbag.

Thai Actress Araya “Chompoo” Hargate remains one of Sine’s greatest inspirations, with this stylish yellow number worn by the star giving birth to a yellow parody dress made from chunks of durian fruit.

▼ The ingredients for the dress took up the entire space in her refrigerator!

Another dress inspired by Chompoo’s Cannes red carpet looks is this one, made with hundreds of Enoki mushrooms.

Lately, Sine’s been thinking outside of the box for more food parody inspirations, sharing this look which mimics an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Unlike Kim Jong-un, Sine gives her speech on the street at a food stall, with pieces of sizzling meat laid out in front of her instead.

Sine’s creativity truly knows no bounds – where most people see a blue puffer jacket and a chic handbag, this Thai beauty sees mountains of crisps and a multi-layered tiffin box.

Sine says she has a lot of fun putting her outfits together, and even more fun eating her outfits later with family and friends.

With so many celebrities and fashion-forward looks appearing on the red carpets of the world day after day, Sine isn’t short of inspiration when it comes to creating parody looks. While we’re sure to see more stunning photos from Sine, until then we’ll be feasting our eyes on these fun budget looks from Thailand’s LowCostCosplay.

Source: Facebook/framsookleklek1
Featured image: Instagram/framsook_lek_lek

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