White Day is mainly about giving thank you presents to the people who gave you Valentine’s Day chocolate, but now it’s also about sharing snapshots of adorable felines.

In Japan, March 14 is known as White Day. Coming exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, on which Japanese women give gifts not only to their romantic partners but also to their male friends and coworkers, White Day is when guys are expected to return the favor by giving a present of their own.

Of course, if you didn’t give out any Valentine’s Day gifts, you’re out of luck as far as receiving anything on White Day goes. But regardless of what you did or didn’t do back in February, one thing we can all enjoy this White Day is the cascade of white cat photos flooding the Japanese Twitter community.


Japanese Twitter users have been offering up photos of snowy kitties with the hashtag #今日はホワイトデーだから白い猫さんの写真をアップしよう, which translates as “Since it’s White Day, let’s upload pictures of white cats.” Some of them look cozy…

…some look playfully silly…

…and some look just a little sinister, like this one that’s oddly fascinated by a model of a dog’s skeleton.

▼ Is…is it checking for structural weak points to attack?

▼ And if it finds any, is it going to report them to this guy?

https://twitter.com/aya_ginnami/status/709227080454541313 https://twitter.com/aya_ginnami/status/709228279882862592

Many people adhered to the exact wording of the hashtag…

…but others went with a much liberal interpretation of the “White Cats on White Day” fun.

▼ Those white patches count, right?

After all, the more the merrier, and cuter, right?

Source: IT Media