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Make Kanto Great Again!

Fans of the Disney TV show Gravity Falls know Alex Hirsch as a great producer, voice actor, and animator, but apparently he’s also a talented Pokémon trainer and political-satirist!

According to Hirsch’s Twitter, he was watching the U.S. election news when inspiration hit… and comedy gold was struck:

▼ Charmander plus Bernie Sanders equals…

▼ And each Poké-President comes with its own types and attacks.
So is grandpa type weak to everything… or super effective against everything?

▼ It’s hard to tell where the hair begins and the sludge ends
on the Muk and Donald Trump hybrid.

▼ That’s a pretty big weakness,
but Shmuck can just keep using Minimize until it disappears.

▼ Diglett plus Marco Rubio. He’s not even part ground-type anymore…
the sweat just washed it all away.

▼ So this is what happened to Ash’s Butterfree after he let it go….

▼ To be fair, electric is super effective against flying….

▼ Ben Carson just catching some Zs as Snorlax.

▼ Yeowch! We’re going to need some burn heal
for that evolution zing, stat!

▼ And finally, a bonus Hypno/Ted Cruz combo
by Gravity Falls artist Dana Terrace.

▼ HypnoCruz OP vs. female Pokémon! Nerf please!

Unfortunately even though the Twitter masses have been clamoring for more, Alex Hirsch hasn’t made any new Poké-Presidents yet. In the meantime though, we’ll help keep everyone satiated with our favorite reply from the Twitter comments:

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Source/images: Twitter/@_alexhirsch