new flavor

Goodbye, Cup Noodle Shio! We try Nissin Cup Noodle’s revitalized new flavor, Negi Shio

Does it meet expectations? We find out!

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New summer ice cream-flavored mini KitKats come with a serving of summer homework topics

Japanese kids can exercise their mouths and minds by participating in a contest to brainstorm ideas about the future.

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Cup Noodle upgrades its Mystery Meat with new Lemon Karaage flavor

The newest kind of Cup Noodle is here…with the newest kind of Mystery Meat!

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Namco unveils potato chip-flavored cola, coming to Japanese game centers soon

Why waste time chewing when you can simply guzzle your potato chips from a bottle?

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A Candy Store Variety ‘Cream of Corn Soup’ Flavored Ice Cream Bar Fit for a Fancy Restaurant

If you give a kid a hundred yen to buy a treat on a hot summer’s day, he’ll most likely skip off to the candy store to buy himself a Gari Gari Kun, a very popular ice cream bar sold just about anywhere. It is also the preference of many dark jedi. The standard Gari Gari Kun (gari gari is the sound of ice being crunched or scratched, and kun is an informal address aking to ‘boy’) comes in blue packaging and is cream-soda flavored. When it comes to ice cream bars, why give up a good thing?

Because right now, there is a limited-edition cream of corn soup flavored Gari Gari Kun! Gari Gari Kun comes up with different flavored ice cream bars all the time, though they’re usually a special seasonal flavor, like grape or melon. Although there is no season to cream of corn soup, it would be safe to say that cream of corn soup is a standard ‘soup of the day’ for many fancy European restaurants.

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