It turns out that Cherry blossom Pepsi tastes as lovely as it looks.

This isn’t a sponsored post, but in the interest of full disclosure, we feel it’s only right to state that we were fortunate enough to get hold of this new Pepsi free of charge through TokyoTreat. The drink is of course also available from other online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Since we first heard about Pepsi’s unique spring release, we’d been waiting for the chance to get our hands on the pretty-looking soft drink. As of today, it’s on sale in limited quantities, and we were lucky enough to get one from TokyoTreat as part of their monthly box of Japanese sweets and beverages. We’re happy to say Sakura Pepsi really does taste as good as it looks.

▼ Snack time! Underneath all these chips and chocolates is the beautiful Sakura Pepsi.


▼ The label on the drink stands out immediately with its bright pink blossoms and the word “Sakura” presented on a black background.





▼ The colour of the drink is a gorgeous blushing shade of pale pink.


▼ Even the bottom of the bottle resembles a pink flower!


After admiring the pretty packaging, it’s time to crack the lid and pour the fizzy drink out for a taste.


Straight away, we can smell the distinctive Pepsi aroma. However, there’s the added pleasure of a slight floral cherry fragrance, which suits the pretty colour of the drink.


With our first sip, the flowery aroma reaches the nose before the liquid hits the tongue, giving a full hit of sakura flavour as the drink goes down. It’s surprising and delicious at the same time. The Pepsi cola flavour is there in abundance, acting as the familiar base on which to carry the sakura flavour, and while the closest thing we could liken this to would be cherry cola, it’s miles away from any we’ve ever tasted. It’s distinctly floral, with just a slight sour cherry note.


Given the flavour and its pretty appearance, we’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty of these at picnics during the upcoming hanami cherry blossom viewing season!

If you’re in Japan, the Pepsi Sakura is available at stores around the country during spring for 140 yen (US$1.20). If you’re outside of Japan, you’re in luck because online stockists are also carrying it, including the aforementioned TokyoTreat, who are bundling the drink in their monthly box for anyone who signs up to their Premium Plan before March 31.


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