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Watch the step-by-step process of how to cook these cute, completely edible cup accessories yourself.

If you’re a fan of cute beverages, then you might think you’ve seen it all. Cute drinks inside the cups, cute cups to drink out of… what’s left to make cute?

Why, the rim of the cup, of course!

Now you can decorate your next drink with some adorable cookies made in the shape of everyone’s favorite lazy bear from Japan: Rilakkuma.

Korean YouTuber Sweet The MI recently put up a video on her channel showing how to make the cute cup-hanging cookies yourself. It’s a fun baking challenge for anyone who wants to show off their cooking skills to their friends, family, or cats.

You can watch the video here, with highlights below:

▼ Sweet The MI starts off by assuring us that “it’s not that hard.”
All right then, let’s get started!

rilakkuma cup 03

▼ Okay so we need some flour, got it, got it.

rilakkuma cup 04

▼ And butter, and an egg, and-
hey, wait, this is getting a little too complicated for me….

rilakkuma cup 05

▼ Kabocha squash powder?!

rilakkuma cup 06

▼ Parchment paper?! Well, I guess these cookies aren’t “that hard” to
make if you already have some experience baking.

rilakkuma cup 07

▼ For the rest of us though, we’ll just skip ahead a bit.
After mixing all the ingredients together, you get three different colors of dough.

rilakkuma cup 08

▼ You use the Rilakkuma cookie cutters (from Amazon that
she links to in the description) to get the right shape.

rilakkuma cup 09

▼ And to get their hands to stick out and cling onto the cup,
you use some parchment paper to prop them up before baking.

rilakkuma cup 10

▼ After that, it’s just the simple task of putting on your cookie
artist hat and painting them perfectly with icing.

rilakkuma cup 11

▼ It may be a bit of work to get these guys, but wow… the cuteness is worth it.

rilakkuma cup 02

▼ Even Sweet The MI is impressed by how cute they are…

rilakkuma cup 12

▼ …but just be careful not to drop and break them. Whoops!

rilakkuma cup 13

If you’re interested in baking some cup-companion Rilakkuma cookies yourself, then I highly recommend watching the full video at Sweet The MI’s YouTube channel. She goes through each step in great detail, helping to keep mistakes minimized and cuteness/deliciousness maximized.

And if being able to eat parts of the container that your beverage comes in is something you’re interested in, then you should check out this cup made entirely of squid. It may not be as cute as Rilakkuma, but it’s certainly no less of a conversation-starter!

Source/images: YouTube/Sweet The MI
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