When you’re a cat in the desert, the whole world is your litter box!

Dogs may be known as the diggers, but cats are just as likely to get their claws into some nice cool dirt as our canine companions are. Whether they’re trying to cover the scent of a fresh pile of their “business” or are on the trail of a little burrowing treat, you don’t want to underestimate the excavating power of little feline paws too!

This particular orange-and-white cat, named Don, lives in the deserts of Al-Ain in the UAE with his humans, @hanamomoact from Japan and her husband. @hanamomoact regularly posts photos of Don and all his other animal “siblings” of all different species, from other cats and rabbits, to horses and even gazelle!

Don seems to be living the life, frolicking the desert surrounding his home and digging into hills of soft powdery sand with his playful, animal-loving human “dad”, and the internet is enjoying watching him do so; the video has been shared over 25,000 times since it was posted last week, and “liked” nearly 28,000, with the comments section of the tweet filled with (typed) squeals of “kawaii!!”

It doesn’t seem like Don and co’s life ever get dull, so be sure to keep an eye out for more adorable desert cat shenanigans.

Source and top image: Twitter/ @hanamomoact