Maru is becoming an Instagram sensation thanks to the adorable clothes it wears every day.


Instagram user maruruna is the loving owner of an adorable white and orange rescue cat known as Maru. Together, they’ve attracted quite a bit of attention on the social network thanks to the numerous photos maruruna has posted of her kitty lounging around the house in various items of clothing, like aprons and skirts.

Yes, Maru is known not just for being cute, but for being cute and all dressed up (with nowhere to go)! At this point, we suspect, the cat is more fashionable than any of us.

▼ And it seems Maru naps like a champion too…


▼ …to say nothing of knowing how to strike a sexy pose!


▼ D’awwww!


So, you may be wondering, “Hey, just why does Maru have all these swag clothes, anyway?” The answer isn’t quite as cute as we might hope.

It turns out Maru is a rescue — maruruna adopted the feline (believed to be around three years old now) from a shelter and part of that process involved getting the cat vaccinated and fixed. However, as you can probably imagine, that’s a lot for a cat — ending up in a new place, post surgery, with one of these Elizabethan collars around your neck can’t be fun.

▼ At least Maru made a new friend!


All that apparently took a toll on the cat, and Maru had trouble with the incision from the surgery — it wasn’t healing well and the cat couldn’t leave it alone. However, maruruna didn’t want to stress out her new kitty even more by letting it bump into everything with the giant collar, and that’s when she hit upon the clever idea to “hide” the wound from Maru with clothing!

▼ Like this cute polka dot number!


The aprons, skirts, and other clothing you see are there not because Maru is incredibly modest, but to allow the cat to have relatively free range of motion and comfort while also keep it from messing with its wounds. Some of the items were handmade by maruruna, while others were repurposed or store bought — but regardless of where they came from, we think they all look fetching on Maru!

▼ The cat makes everything look awesome!


Even now, the owner continues to dress Maru, though this is due to the feline’s weak skin. Apparently, the clothing helps protect the cat from cleaning itself too aggressively, for example.


It seems like maruruna and Maru are perfectly happy together — and it always makes us smile when we see a rescue cat in a good home. If you want to see more from Maru and its owner, be sure to follow their (relatively lazy) adventures on Instagram!

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Featured image: Instagram/maruruna