This perfectly spotted kitty is a natural model, too.

Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they’re all cute, whether they have a permanent flattened head from sleeping too much or a perfectly chiseled physique from long hours in the gym. Some cats have a little extra natural advantage in cuteness, though, like this Instagram cat, Ikura, who has a single, perfectly heart-shaped spot on her back.

Not only is the spot perfectly shaped, it’s perfectly placed, too, right on the bottom of Ikura’s back, just over the tail, and it looks like the center of the heart is placed exactly on the center of Ikura’s back. It’s so artful it’s almost as if someone put it there by design, but it’s apparently a completely natural spot.

▼ Ikura is even more adorable in motion, s this video shows.

Ikura is a one-and-a-half years old, and lives in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture. She has a happy life with her two owners, and owing to not only her cute heart-shaped spot, but also her cute face, she’s quickly becoming an Instagram star!

Her penchant for posing for photos probably has a lot to do with that, as you can see from her Instagram page, where there are many pictures like this of her looking elegantly towards the camera.

Looking off into the distance, and out the window, is a precociously characteristic pose for her, too.

She also seems to enjoy wearing costumes, and appears to willingly participate in photo shoots. She would probably look adorable in a Pokémon cat cosplay hood; though, honestly, she likely could rock any outfit.

She’s not camera shy at all. In fact, she seems to love the camera!

But Ikura is a cat, like many others, and still enjoys a good, cute nap when all the hard work of posing for photos is done.

Who doesn’t love a cute, picture perfect kitty cat with an adorable marking? Now if we could just see her in a Sailor Scout cosplay collar…with her heart-shaped spot, she would look just like she belonged in the Sailor Moon anime!

Source: Instagram/@ikura_0711 via Netlab
Featured Image: Instagram/@ikura_0711