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We can’t quite decide whether Japanese fashion giant Uniqlo’s latest promotional campaign is cute, empowering, or just plain silly.

We don’t envy advertisers sometimes. In a world where ads are everywhere and consumers are constantly on their guard, being tasked with making perfectly everyday products seem exciting and appealing to particular demographics can’t be easy.

But the promotional website and videos Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo is currently running for its range of “bra top” vests, which purport to offer comfort and support even without wearing an actual bra underneath, might be trying just a little bit too hard to be taken seriously.

Titled “100 hito no mune, 100 no utsukushisa”, or “100 people’s chests, 100 types of beauty”, the website features images of chirpy, good-looking women going about their day in a lifestyle magazine-esque world while holding up doodles of their own breasts and saying things about them.

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▼ Looking pleased with her pair

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▼ Heart-shaped nipples are all the rage these days

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▼ This woman looks thrilled to have finally shared her terrible secret…

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▼ Star-shaped nipples are also popular

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While the doodles themselves are undeniably cute, some of the videos that accompany the images border on the ridiculous, with many of the women shown doing everyday activities while laughing at nothing in particular, almost as if to say that Uniqlo’s bra tops make trivial things possible in ways like never before.

▼ Do you have boobs? “Sleep”, “Cooking”, “Cafe” and more are completely possible while wearing these tops.

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We’ll leave you with a sample of the videos that are currently up on Uniqlo’s site. Some are definitely cuter than others, while others are seemingly straight out of an advertising company’s “feel good” folder and bursting with cheese. Still, at least they’re entertaining!

▼ “I can sing in a loud voice, move around…”

▼ Despite seeming very happy, this lady claims to hate her breasts.

▼ Didn’t we tell you heart-nipples were popular?

▼ This lady takes her breasts to the woods for a laugh

Let’s just be thankful that this wasn’t a campaign for men’s underpants. The drawings alone would have been horrific…

Source/images: Uniqlo