From explosions to roses, there are sure to be some tips to help you out!

Art, as near as we can tell, is hard. Of course talent is important, but if you want to be a good artist, there’s no substitute for lots (and lots and lots) of practice. But sometimes it helps to just have a little guidance. Of course, models and photo books can help quite a bit, but nothing can replace advice from a professional. Getting that advice can be difficult, but one YouTube channel is looking to bring the wise words (and demonstrations) of veteran animators to the masses!

DokiDoki Drawing isn’t even a year old, but the channel has already produced quite a bit of content, and among their most popular posts are How To videos featuring veteran animator Hinoe. Even the least artistic among us were fascinated by Hinoe’s explanations, so whether you can draw a stick figure or not, there’s a lot to enjoy getting an inside look at how anime is drawn. For example, one of the newest videos is about roses…

▼ Which doesn’t seem like it should be interesting but totally is!

There are also videos on drawing anime-style eyes and hands — two things that seem to be particularly difficult to master.

▼ It’s a “handy” video!

▼ So many details!

Finally, our favorite video in the series is this one on explosions. Animating explosions is even more complicated than we had expected, so you’ll definitely want to check this out. Whether you’re trying to break into the industry or you just love it when things go “boom,” it’s a fun look at how animators work their magic.

▼ Also, the added sound effects are awesome!

Be sure to check out DokiDoki Drawing’s YouTube channel for many, many more videos! There are even a few about drawing on banana peels with needles, in case paper and pencil are too boring for you.

And if you need some fast-paced action for inspiration for you next animation project, you should definitely check out this fighting duo. Their moves are almost too awesome to believe — which makes them perfect for anime!

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Featured image: YouTube/DokiDoki Drawing