When you don’t have time to cook, but still want something tasty in your book.

How would you rate your current bookmark satisfaction level? Do you wish you had something a little spicier to mark your pages with, but every time your try to create your own origami bookmark, you just end up with a bunch of papercuts?

Well thankfully the Japanese online shop Tokyo Kitsch has just what you’re looking for: delicious breakfast bookmarks.

▼ Is that some bacon in my pages, or is my book just greasy to see me?

breakfast bookmarks 02

breakfast bookmarks 09

The “breakfast bookmarks” are being sold online for 1,512 yen (US$14) plus shipping. And there are plenty of delicious options to choose from.

▼ It’s always sunny side up when you’re bookmarking with an egg.

breakfast bookmarks 03

breakfast bookmarks 08

breakfast bookmarks 07

▼ Don’t you hate it when you use real pancakes as bookmarks
and the syrup gets stuck to your pages? Never again!

breakfast bookmarks 04

breakfast bookmarks 12

▼ And don’t forget to try a protein-rich Japanese-breakfast bookmark: salmon!

breakfast bookmarks 01

breakfast bookmarks 10

breakfast bookmarks 11

▼ I might just be a little too tempted to take a bite out of that nori bookmark.

breakfast bookmarks 05

breakfast bookmarks 05

▼ All of the bookmarks together, plus some bonus popsicle,
toast, and watermelon ones too.

breakfast bookmarks 06

Those bookmarks — especially the salmon and nori ones — look so realistic that I have a feeling every time I’d sit down to read, I’d get hungry for a snack. I’m not sure I’d be able to get through a book without something in my mouth to distract me from my delicious bookmark.

If you’re interested in getting a breakfast bookmark for yourself, unfortunately you may have to wait a little bit. Due to high demand, Tokyo Kitsch is currently sold out of almost all of the designs, but hopefully more will be in soon to satisfy our hunger.

Now if we could just get them to make a sushi burger bookmark, we’d be all set.

Source/images: Tokyo Kitsch
Featured/top image: Tokyo Kitsch (Edited by RocketNews24)