The weekend cannot come fast enough for these hilariously tired tots.

You know that feeling: when you look at your calendar, phone, or car’s dashboard display and think: “How on earth is it not the weekend yet?”

With a whole day left to go before we can stare at our smartphones or Facebook news feeds without also having work to do, the weekend can feel like a long way off. But spare a thought for these kids in Japan, who couldn’t even make it to the end of the day, let alone the week.

Popular Twitter hashtag “#我が子の電池切れ画像” (roughly “pics of my kid with zero battery”) has been around for a while now, but continues to provide us with stacks of hilarious cute images of kids who just couldn’t keep their eyes open.

So, with just under a day left until the weekend, we present for your amusement and delectation: 18 Japanese kids who are in dire need of a recharge. Enjoy!

1. This kid is done.

2. So is this guy.

3. The fun was too great.

4. “Mother, I am done with this beach. You may carry me home now.”

5. Also done.

6. This kid plays way harder than you do.

7. “No battery. Much recharge via face.”

8. “Enough snow for today, little guy?”

9. The dangers of rainbow milk.

10. “Must…reach…trucks…”

11. “Please connect a power source.”

12. Some children come equipped with solar panels, but recharging can take time.

13. “Entering hibernation mode.”

14. Sleeping makes you 大 (big)

15. Forward planning.

16. “Curse you, tequila…”

17 & 18. Backup power also depleted…

Ganbare, kids. It’s almost the weekend!

Featured image: Twitter/1, 2, 3