We took a trip to Ainoshima, a paradise for cats and cat lovers alike. Come take a look at some of its feline residents just doing what they do.

Nearly six kilometers (about 3.5 miles) off the coast of Fukuoka Prefecture, in the Kanmon Straits between Japan’s Islands of Honshu and Kyushu, sits a little island remote island called Ainoshima. You may remember we mentioned Ainoshima back in a post covering 11 of Japan’s famous “Cat Islands”, and if you’re a cat lover, this little speck of land is nothing short of paradise.

The cats who call the island home seem to enjoy their relaxed and carefree lifestyle, as evidenced by these photographs taken by our Japanese-language writer Takashi on a recent excursion to the island. Without further ado, here are 20 photos of cats that Takashi ran into on Ainoshima.

1. This guy with no shame

Cats generally take their hygiene quite seriously, but while they may care about dirt and smells on their beautiful coats, they really don’t care who’s watching when they clean their nether-regions.


2. This guy sunbathing and grooming

Like we said, cats are clean creatures.


3. This guy, just chillaxin’

If they’re not grooming, you can bet that they’ll be napping.


4. This guy with an attitude

There’s no question about it- cats have a lot of sass!


5. This guy lying wherever he pleases

Because when you have a whole island to yourself, don’t nobody tell you what to do!


6. This loaf of cat bread


7. This other guy chillaxin’


8. This snoozing/grooming

Cats are also good multi-taskers, if you didn’t know.


9. This wise cat, just taking it all in


10. This guy having a sleepy snack break

Like we said, multi-tasking.


11. The oft-seen cat log


12. This guy taking a nap

Any time and any place is perfect for a cat nap.


13. This other guy taking a nap


14. This guy looking as regal as ever

Cats have a lot of dignity to uphold, and this one is no exception.


15. These guys, who solemnly swear they are up to no good


16. This guy with the sweetest sleepy face

Cats are adorable anyway, but sleeping cats? Precious.


17. This guy, nibbling some greens

Have a plant in your home? If you have a cat, not anymore.


18. This guy, totally zonked out

Being a cat is hard work!


19. This guy, completely out too

Really hard work…


20. This guy, also with no shame


These cats do share the island with fellow human residents, but there’s no question as to who really runs the place!

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