creepy laundry top

At some point in the cleaning process, these fuzzy little guys go from cute to creepy.

It’s not unusual to have conflicted feelings about things. Take for example Chinese knockoff toys that are simultaneously genius and insane. Or KFC Hong Kong’s chicken flavored nail polish that is both amazing and disgusting all at once.

And now, we have another conflict: stuffed animals being washed and hung out to dry that are somehow both adorable and terrifying.

To see what we mean, take a look at some recent photos posted by Japanese people of washing their stuffed animals, and see which side of the creepy/cute spectrum you think they fall on:

▼ Police report: Rilakkuma was found drowned in his home bathtub.
Probable cause of death: he was just too lazy to lift his head out of the water.

▼ This poor Ted was found covered in a white substance.
Investigators have not yet confirmed if it’s drugs, bubbles, or fluff.

▼ “I wanted to wash my plushie so I shoved it in the bathtub
and now it looks like a drowned body.”

▼ Sometimes the victims attempted to escape their torture devices…

▼ …knowing what horrors awaited them afterward.

▼ Some were hung upside down by their tails…

▼ Some were strung up like meat…

▼ Others were laid out to dry like skinned hides…

▼ And one unlucky fellow was made into an example
for the whole neighborhood to fear.

Looking at the pictures, I know that the owners are just trying to clean their precious stuffed animals, but at the same time I just can’t help but see the creepy side. Those eyes… those cold, unblinking eyes!

If I had a plushie that was in desperate need of cleaning, I think I’d ship it off to the stuffed animal hospital instead. The professionals there are probably better at dealing with the soft, cuddly terror than I ever would be.

Source: Twitter h/t Naver Matome
Featured/top image: Twitter (1, 2) (Edited by RocketNews24)