Collect them all…in your stomach!

Summer in Japan means a lot of different things — from splitting watermelons on the beach to wearing yukata at festivals, there’s plenty to experience. Another fun tradition is the giving of summer gifts. It’s common for people to send gifts to people who’ve helped them out or to work associates, though it seems young people these days are less likely to follow the tradition.

But with Neko Atsume cookies available as summer gifts from Lawson, we bet more youngsters will be getting in on the action!

Starting May 10, you’ll be able to order the Neko Atsume Gift Set through Lawson Summer Gift. The set includes iced cookies and marble chocolates. How about sending some to people who’ve helped you out or your dear friends?

The set includes cookies with the faces of Snowball, Peaches, and Pepper as well as marble chocolates in various shapes such as baseballs and watermelons.

▼ Perfect for summer snacking!


The set will put you back 3,240 yen (about US$30) including tax and Lawson expects to start shipping around the end of June, so people can receive them in time for the Ochuugen period in July/August, when summer gifts are typically sent.

Of course, there’s no one stopping you from sending some to yourself — and we definitely won’t tell. Just be sure to send some our way too!

And once you get done munching on these cookies, you’ll probably want to burn a few calories. Fortunately, you can now do that by walking around some of Studio Ghibli’s most famous scenes! Or, if you don’t have a VR setup, you could just go outside and watch the contrails.

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Images: Lawson Gift, Twitter/nekoatsume_tw