Though it looks like someone replaced Chewie with a mop…

Disney’s Tsum Tsum game and line-up of plushies seems as if it will simply grow forever, if the recent addition of Star Wars characters means anything! And while it still seems kind of odd to see Luke Skywalker in the same art style as Micky Mouse, we have to admit the Tsum Tsum version of the Jedi is way cuter than we ever thought he could be! And we imagine this is one of the best ways for Star Wars fans to get their kids hooked on their favorite science fiction franchises.

But one of the biggest draws of Star Wars is its archetypical hero’s-journey story. Of course, no one has time to sit down and watch a full movie these days — but now you don’t have to carve out 121 minutes to enjoy A New Hope thanks to this adorable Tsum Tsum version of the classic film. In fact, you can relive the best parts of the historic movie in less than two minutes, which should be just enough time to watch it while having a coffee break at work!

▼ Though it’ll probably end before you can finish the Kessel Run.

Now, if you’re feeling a bit peckish, you may want to check out the amazing Tsum Tsum Baymax sushi this Singaporean mother has created. It’s the very definition of too cute to eat!

Source, images: YouTube/ィズニー公式YouTubeチャンネル