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This McDonald’s customer paid for his order in cash and received his hamburger — without setting foot in the store!

Yes, a recent tweet showing a customer getting a hamburger to go at a McDonald’s restaurant has received quite a bit of attention on the Japanese internet. But what could be so unusual about someone taking home a hamburger from McDonald’s?

Well, as you can see from the pictures in the tweet, it turns out the order was placed in quite an unusual way!

The order was placed with a note pasted on to a remote-controlled toy car! The hand-written message on the note reads:”One hamburger to go, please.” It even came with a 100 yen coin attached to cover the cost of the hamburger.

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▼ What does the store staff do? Very calmly pick up the order and payment!

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▼ After a while, the car is sent back carrying the hamburger!
We have to say, the staff did an ace job dealing with the unexpected order.

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You can see the process in the video below. It’s in two segments, one showing the toy car placing the order and the other showing it coming out with the bag.

We had a laugh watching this, but it seems a good number of Japanese netizens commenting on the video apparently felt it was an extremely childish and annoying thing to do, possibly inconveniencing the store staff unnecessarily. In fact they were quite vehement in their criticism, making it clear that they thought the antics of the person placing the order were downright despicable and idiotic.

What do you think — was this just a bit of fun, or was it a prank in bad taste?

Source: Twitter/@jun1218_, YouTube
Images: Twitter/@jun1218_