Looks like it’s time for another visit to the Sanrio theme park!

Sanrio Puroland, the indoor theme park dedicated to the world of Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Pom Pom Purin, and Gudetama, is going to open its first new attraction in six years! The park, which hasn’t added any new features since Gudetama Land opened in 2016, will be adding a new Character Greeting House this July, where visitors can step inside colorful themed rooms and be greeted by their favorite Sanrio characters.

The attraction is designed to look like a luxury condo high-rise for Sanrio characters. The attraction, which will be part of Strawberry Hall, includes five different rooms, each with its own theme, plus a luxury entrance hall decorated with strawberries all around.

Room 101: Gamer Modern is a bright, colorful room filled with neon signs and what looks like a gaming PC set-up.

Room 102: Vintage Pop is a retro room straight out of the 70s, decorated with bright oranges and yellows, flower themes, a disco ball, and furniture designed like old technology.

Fans of fitness might like Room 201: Workout Style, which is a high-energy exercise room with spotlights, weightlifting equipment, mirrors, and even a protein bar.

Get into the spirit of music with Room 202: Music Base. It looks like a music studio, with instruments hanging on the walls, a stage, and huge speakers.

Last of all, and perhaps the most Sanrio of all, is Room 302: Cutie Strawberry, which is all pink femininity, with pretty furniture, lots of fashion items, and, of course, strawberry motifs.

With the stairs and halls fully decked out with “kawaii” touches and this much variety in the rooms, there will be plenty of places to take great photos!

What’s more, Sanrio characters like My Melody, Pom Pom Purin, Cinnamoroll, Bad Batz-Maru, and Pochacco are scheduled to appear in these rooms for meet and greets. The schedule of who will appear will be on the official website, where you can also order tickets to meet the characters. These are expected to be very popular and reservations may run out, so you’ll have to plan carefully for which character you want to see. The Character Greeting House will open on July 15, so make sure you book ahead of time if you want to go!

This is exciting news for fans, who’ve been waiting for something new to appear in Sanrio Puroland. Though the new attraction means the closing of Gudetama Land and the end of character greetings in some other areas of the park, we’ll have a whole new area to explore and lots of chances to meet characters, so there’s plenty to look forward to at what could be Japan’s cutest theme park.

Source, images: PR Times
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