Everything you think you know about shapes and colors is a lie.

We all know that it’s important to be skeptical of things we see on the internet, especially now more than ever since it’s official that dogs are using YouTube.

But sometimes the crazy things we see online are real, as demonstrated by Japanese Twitter user @yu_kubo when they showed off some videos of optical illusions:

“The ‘Footstep Illusion.’ I’m just moving the yellow and blue
pattern across the lines on a transparent sheet.”

W-w-what?! I could’ve sworn I saw those little colored boxes vibrating around. But if you watch the video again and concentrate on just one box at a time, you’ll see that it’s standing still. Eyes… I never knew you could be such traitors!

But that’s not even the biggest betrayal yet. Watch this:

“Brightness illusion on a gradient.
All I’m doing is moving a piece of gray paper.”

This one… geez. No matter how much I try to tell myself the piece of paper is consistently the same color, my brain refuses to believe it.

But wait! There’s more!

▼ Nothing is actually moving here…

▼ …and these black and white checkered lines are
perfectly straight. We may now all commence crying together.

Want to see more optical illusions? We recommend the old “hole in the cat” one, or the “cat blending into sheets” one, or the “cat crashing through paper door” one. Actually, that last one’s not really an illusion, we just really like cats.

Meowww (^=ↀωↀ=^)

Source: Twitter/@yu_kubo via Togech
Featured/top image: Twitter/@yu_kubo