This Chinese lipstick is so beautiful in its design that you won’t want to use it on yourself.

Kailijumei Cosmetics is a Chinese distributor of makeup that has recently taken the internet by storm not just in Asia but around the world for its line of moisturizing, jelly lipsticks. One glance and the draw of these lipsticks should be obvious–they contain real dried flowers and flecks of gold for an absolutely stunning addition to any makeup lover’s shelf!

As word of the lipstick’s beauty spread, Kailijumei’s website was hit by a deluge of orders which left the line temporarily sold out. However, limited edition packaged versions of the Hot Pink, Barbie Doll Powder, and Minute Maid lipsticks are currently available for purchase for US$30 each, and the company has promised that the regular editions, including the Flame Red lipstick, should be restocked any time now.

By the way, we haven’t gotten to the lipstick’s other amazing feature yet. While the tubes initially appear colorless, they actually change color according to a wearer’s body temperature. The colder you are, the lighter the shade will be:

On a final note, Kailijumei has also recently begun expanding into the U.S. — so it might not be long before American residents see the gorgeous cosmetics on local shelves!

Source: Iroiro
Top image: Instagram/kailijumei