peach butts top

The trendiest way to embarrass your child years from now.

Japan is known for having some pretty bizarre Instagram trends“invisible” smartphones, otaku fashion, and seeing what horror movie monsters are up to when they’re not busy killing people come to mind.

But the latest trend to take over Japanese Instagram is a bit more fruity. Parents have been sharing photos of their baby’s butts… covered up with peaches.

▼ Oh no! Little Ichiro’s got a diaper rash! Quick, let’s-
Ah, never mind. It’s just a juicy delicious peach. Bite! Crunch! Yum!

Though the rest of the world may also have giggled a few times when eating butt-shaped peaches, Japan especially has a long history of associating the fruit with the rear-end. Even the Japanese word for the thigh/butt area is futo momo, with “momo” also being the word for peach.

Here’s some more pics of “baby momo butts” in action:

▼ Just singing a song while mom squeezes the momo.

▼ Double baby = a double serving of peaches

“Freshly picked fruit!”

▼ That’s one happy walking peach.

▼ The perfect pictures to share when their
future boyfriend/girlfriend comes to visit.

▼ Let’s just hope none of the peaches
have any “brown spots,” if you know what I mean.

The “momo butt” trend is cute for sure, but just be careful if you go looking at the rest of the pictures uploaded under the Instagram hashtag. There are some adults out there who have taken up the trend too, and while it’s cute on babies, it’s a bit creepy on anyone over the age of one.

Source: CuRazy
Featured/top image: Instagram/risa_m0621