The adorable little animal shows us how to cool down and melt hearts at the same time.

With the days getting hotter here in Japan, owners everywhere are keeping an extra diligent eye on their pets, making sure they have enough water and somewhere cool to lie down. For one Japanese hedgehog owner, who goes by the Twitter handle @bls____, that means investing in a small piece of aluminium sheeting specially designed for pets, to lower the temperature in the animal’s playpen and keep its tiny feet cool. Curious to see how the little one would take to the new silver-coloured flooring, this hedgehog’s owner was thrilled to see it not only accept the cooling sheet, but truly embrace it, by figuring out how to use it within 10 seconds and then lying spread-eagled on the floor, bum-in-air, throwing all care and self-consciousness to the wind.

A couple of days after introducing the cool flooring to the animal, it was still loving the feel of it, though perhaps it had caught sight of the photos previously posted online by its owner, as this time it chose to lay a little more daintily on the surface.

The adorable hedgehog, who will turn one at the end of August, is a lady called Daifuku, which translates literally to “Great Luck” and is the name of a round Japanese sweet made from mochi glutinous rice cake and stuffed with a sweet filling. She has a Twitter account entirely dedicated to her, filled with cute photos of her playing, eating, and napping, and her fanbase of admirers continues to grow, with almost 2,000 followers already, which isn’t bad for a girl who isn’t even one yet! To see more photos of the adorable hedgehog enjoying her relaxed lifestyle, be sure to stop by her account to say hello!

Source: ITMedia
Top Image: Twitter/bls